Jean Carnahan jumps into mudpuddle

The Unablogger

The Unablogger

Frankly, I would have expected better from the former interim senator and two-term first lady. Until now, though I disagreed with her political stands, I had great respect for the dignity that Jean Carnahan projected.

But the key words are in past tense. I respected her for the dignity she projected.

On Tuesday, the same day as the notorious USA Today op-ed piece by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer,   Mrs. Carnahan took off the white gloves, jumped into the mudpuddle with the worst of them, and started spewing toxic, venomous invectives at citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to oppose the ruling party’s ill-advised health care plan. She wrote a blog piece entitled “The Pitchforks of August” on Fired Up! Missouri, the Democrat bomb-throwing blog with which Mrs. Carnahan has questionably associated herself.

The explosive title was just the start. Look how many vile, loaded words and phrases she squeezed into just the lead paragraph:

In recent weeks we have seen disruptions at town halls, mob hysteria, arrests, death threats, and remarks that border on treason. Those who should be in control of the GOP remain mute or, even worse, they bless the hordes that take up pitchforks to puncture the idea of health care reform.

Beyond equating questioning one’s own representative in Congress with “disruptions,” she went on to describe “mob hysteria,” “arrests (without mentioning that it was primarily Obamacare supporters who were arrested), “death threats” (isolated incidents that, again, eminated primarily from supporters of Obamacare), and finally “hordes that take up pitchforks.”

Really? Did anyone see a single pitchfork? The term was meant to allude back to post-civil war intimidation of African Americans (by Democrats, BTW) which has nothing whatsoever to do with the current debate. (To drive the point home, she made six separate references to pitchforks in the piece.) It’s just part of the current conscious Democrat strategy to obfuscate the debate by distracting from discussion of the indefensible substance of the proposals by demonizing the citizens who oppose them.

She also taps into the government’s conscious effort to intimidate opponents, by rolling out the T-word: Treason.

Then, in the very next sentence, the former first lady followed the party playbook by utilizing a sexually derogatory term “tea baggers” (popularized by an episode of the cult classic popular among Democrats, Sex in the City) to describe the protesters. Dignified matrons don’t use that term.

Mrs. Carnahan went on to describe talk-show host Rush Limbaugh with the pagan term “High Priest” and played the race card by alluding to protesters as “the angry white man . . . upset at having a black man in the White House” (using as authority a post from the left-wing Huffington Post).

If mothers have influence over their daughters (and they do), this carefully planned written outburst means we can look forward to a dirty, smear campaign from Robin Carnahan in her quest to take Republican Sen. Kit Bond’s seat to insure the Democrats’ a filibuster-proof majority.

Perhaps, Mrs. Carnahan is being done in by her young, in-your-face ghostwriters at Fired Up!, but she nevertheless bears responsibility for what is written under her name. It’s the ghostwriter’s fault until she approves it (or approves a process allowing publication under her name without her approval), but it’s her own fault once it hits the web. Shame on you, Mrs. Carnahan!

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