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The Unablogger

The Unablogger

St. Louis, in the middle of “fly-over country,” is a hotbed of good conservative blogging, videography and investigative citizen journalism. Most bloggers also appear on Twitter (my twitter name is TheUnablogger – don’t forget “the” or you’ll get someone else). I tweet whenever I have a new blog post, and most other bloggers do the same, so you can track of new posts by following the blogger on Twitter. Some other tweet little details of their daily lives (consistent with Twitter’s original purpose “What’s happening?”), but I don’t.

For those who would like more news (not screened by the main stream media) and conservative commentary, here is a list of conservative blogs from the St. Louis area that I enjoy. (Liberal bloggers: compile and post your own list.) The name of the blog is a link to it. If they have YouTube channels or Twitter accounts, those links follow.

johncombest.com (John Combest)
The first web stop in the morning for most political insiders. No commentary, just a priceless collection of daily links to Missouri political stories from web sites of Missouri newspapers, radio and tv stations.

Gateway Pundit: Jim Hoft   Twitter
Important political stories usually break here. I have even seen his blog cited on Fox News. So thorough, I don’t know how Jim has time to do anything else. Frequent guest on Allman in the Morning on 97.1 FM.

24th State Twitter
Important investigative journalism. Recent revelations include left-wing looting of the Jefferson County 911 system and Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s ties to ACORN. Frequent guest on The Dana Show on 97.1 (see next blog).

danaradio.com: Dana Loesch   YouTube Twitter
Dana is the epicenter of nearly every conservative happening in the St. Louis area. She hosts The Dana Show (Week nights at 7 and (for a little longer) Sundays at 8 p.m.) on 97.1 FM (also available online in live stream). She is a frequent national guest of Greta van Sustren on FoxNews and recently guest-hosted Michael Savage’s nationally syndicated radio program. Her blog provides breaking news and her incisive commentary besides plugging the show.
Update: The Dana Show now airs weekdays, 2-4 p.m., still on 97.1. Marc Cox now does the Sunday show, and Sean Hannity’s syndicated program airs in Dana’s former weeknight time slot.

Live Out Loud: Dr. Gina Loudon  Twitter
Gina’s keen insights on politics and human behavior can be read on her blog and heard every Tuesday morning on McGraw Millhaven’s show on KTRS 550 during morning drive. Her Political A List spotlights courageous stars across party lines.
Update: Gina got her own radio show on June 28, and now airs Monday through Friday, 4-6 p.m. during evening drive, on KJSL TruthTalk630, AM630.

Sharp Elbows: Adam Sharp   Twitter
Brash videographer regularly confronts BS-spewing liberals. Frequent guest on The Dana Show.

Reboot Congress: DSM   YouTube Twitter
A super videographer. Videos are imbedded in his blog.

St. Louis Tea Party Coalition
Where to find what’s going on in the local tea party movement.

Americans for Prosperity/Missouri: Carl Bearden   Twitter
Frequent collaborator with the tea party movement. Good source of news.

A Traditional Life Lived: Michelle Moore   YouTube Twitter
Michelle has video documentary for most important local conservative events. She provides commentary from a feminine conservative perspective.

The Black Sphere: Kevin Jackson   Twitter
Commentary from a local African American conservative. Frequent guest on Allman in the Morning on 97.1 FM.

Hennessy’s View: Bill Hennessy   Twitter
Co-founder (with Dana Loesch) of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition

Gateway Patriot: Curtis the Conservative Teen  Twitter
Conservative college student, occasional guest on The Dana Show.

Middle Class and Mad as Hell: Middle Class Joe Twitter
Relevant news that the MSM won’t report

St. Louis Conservative
Good comprehensive conservative coverage

Bob McCarty Writes: Bob McCarty  Twitter
“BMW” offers solid analysis, especially on economic issues, and includes an extensive blogroll on the sidebar

While I’m at it, here are a couple good blogs from the Kansas City area:

The Source: Jeff Roe

The Missouri Record: Patrick Tuohey   Twitter

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