Music video parody emerging as Tea Party anthem

The Unablogger

The Unablogger

A patriotic adaptation of a Timbaland video is emerging as an inspirational anthem for the tea party movement.

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration is a parody of Timbaland’s Apologize,  a song about a romantic relationship coming to an end. Soomo Publishing developed a parody in which a group calling itself TJ and the Revo adapts the melody and title refrain of the song and much of the feel and imagery of the video and takes it in an entirely new direction. They depict Thomas Jefferson (that would be “TJ”) and other American patriots fed up with King George III and deciding to revolt. The refrain “It’s too late to apologize” lends itself perfectly to the feeling of the patriots in deciding they had had enough and that it was time for the colonies to declare independence from the British crown.

The new video is patriotic, but not overtly political (in a contemporary sense) on its face. Nevertheless, tea partiers see obvious similaries to our situation today: An imperial Congress seeks to force unwanted legislation down the throats of a public that has made its opposition clear. As though channeling King George himself, the ruling party and its narcissistic president respond with closed-door meetings and conscious efforts to suppress dissent. There is a clear sense in the air of the need to revolt. But because of the brilliant and enduring political system that those original patriots put in place for us, this 21st Century revolt will be with ballots instead of muskets.

The first tea parties nearly a year ago represent the modern-day Declaration of Independence, and the election of Scott Brown in deep blue Massachusetts is the modern-day ‘shot heard ’round the world.’ Lame, insincere post-Brown Democrat attempts to play nice with the newly empowered Republicans are simply too little, too late. It is, in effect, too late to apologize.

And so it is that the patriotic Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration song and video captures the spirit of the tea party revolution under way. It is emerging as the movement’s anthem.

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