Preserving BP’s assets for its victims

The Unablogger

The Unablogger

President Obama and his political allies have gone to great lengths to try to preserve that cash cow known as BP for the victims of the BP Gulf oil spill (and, of course, the trial lawyers who depend on them). BP has succumbed to the President’s demands that it suspend dividend payments to its shareholders (who the British prime minister angrily points out are primarily British pensioners). But Obama’s demand that BP stop frittering away its victims’ future money on public relations advertisements in the media has not been honored.

I agree with the President, who should take it a step further. Since we’re all agreed that BP’s self-indulgent advertising serves only to deplete the resources needed to pay oil spill victims, the recipients of this evil, blood-sucking advertising revenue should act where BP won’t. I call on all television and radio networks, internet service providers and other media companies to disgorge themselves of every penny that they have received from BP for oil-spill related advertising, and pay all of it to the fund for victims. The President should demonstrate leadership and make the same demand. (I promise not to accuse him of copying if he does.)

It’s the right thing to do.

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