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Amid cheer, an ominous sign in Wisconsin

Hold the champagne.

The Unablogger

Prior to Wisconsin’s June 5 recall elections,Democrats announced that Wisconsin would be where they would test out their GOTV plan. Gov. Scott Walker’s victory caused many to say that the Dems’ plan was a failure. Except that it wasn’t.

What the Democrats mean by GOTV (standard definition Get Out The Vote) is manufacturing enough phony votes to win. It’s their MTV plan – Manufacture The Vote. That’s how they reversed Sen. Norm Coleman’s (R-MN) election night win in 2008 to send Al Franken to the senate and give them the 60th vote they needed to ram thru Porkulus and Obamacare before 2010.

While clear thinking Wisconsin voters piled up too big a margin for Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch outstate for the Dems to steal statewide, Democrats nevertheless did manage to pull off their plan in one senate district. When I went to bed (well after midnight Central time), 75% of the precincts had been counted in the 21st district, and Republican incumbent Sen. Van Wanggaard had a 6-point lead, but Democrat precincts in Racine were holding out their count till they knew how many votes they needed. Sure enough, the Racine vote put Democrat former Sen. John Lehman over the top by about 700 votes and turned control of the senate over to the Dems and the public sector unions that own them.

This is Obama’s game plan for November. Urban areas in OH, FL, PA, WI, MI, CO, NV and MO will hold out till the end, and if Romney’s lead isn’t out of reach they will report whatever POTUS needs. All of those states except Colorado also have contests determining control of the US Senate.

The Wisconsin results should be less about victory laps and more about the need to beef up both the ground game and ballot security.