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Welcome new addition to St Louis talk radio

The Unablogger

The Unablogger

Starting today, Dr. Gina Loudon hosts a conservative talk show on TruthTalk630 (630 on the AM dial), 4-6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The 630 band was formerly home to rock n roll icon KXOK and both incarnations of Johnny Rabbitt, and has a very strong signal. If you’re away from home, you can listen on your computer by going to the station web site and clicking “Listen Live“. The phone number to call in is 314 969-6300.

The 4:00 start time coincides with the end of Dana Loesch’s 2-4 show on 97.1FM.

Dr. Gina Loudon

Gina is a major part of the St. Louis tea party movement, and was the principle founder of the “BUYcott” concept that has been used successfully to protect places as diverse as Whole Foods and the State of Arizona from left-wing boycotts. She is married to former MO state senator John Loudon and came close to succeeding him when she lost a 3-way 2008 Republican primary for that seat by just 8 points. Here’s more info:

St. Louisans could listen all day to conservative oriented talk shows, many of them produced locally. Consider this string on weekdays:

5 – 9 am Allman in the Morning (Jamie Allman), 97.1 FM
9 – noon Glenn Beck (last hour overlaps with Rush), 97.1 FM
11 am – 2 pm Rush Limbaugh (first hour overlaps with Beck), KMOX AM1120
2 – 4 pm The Dana Show (Dana Loesch), 97.1 FM
4 – 6 pm Dr. Gina Loudon, TruthTalk AM630
7-9 pm Sean Hannity (tape delay), 97.1 FM

Preserving BP’s assets for its victims

The Unablogger

The Unablogger

President Obama and his political allies have gone to great lengths to try to preserve that cash cow known as BP for the victims of the BP Gulf oil spill (and, of course, the trial lawyers who depend on them). BP has succumbed to the President’s demands that it suspend dividend payments to its shareholders (who the British prime minister angrily points out are primarily British pensioners). But Obama’s demand that BP stop frittering away its victims’ future money on public relations advertisements in the media has not been honored.

I agree with the President, who should take it a step further. Since we’re all agreed that BP’s self-indulgent advertising serves only to deplete the resources needed to pay oil spill victims, the recipients of this evil, blood-sucking advertising revenue should act where BP won’t. I call on all television and radio networks, internet service providers and other media companies to disgorge themselves of every penny that they have received from BP for oil-spill related advertising, and pay all of it to the fund for victims. The President should demonstrate leadership and make the same demand. (I promise not to accuse him of copying if he does.)

It’s the right thing to do.

Desperate Dems retreat on ‘Red to Blue’ program

The Unablogger

The Unablogger

Today’s announcement by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee of 11 new additions to its “Red to Blue” campaign showed signs of weakness and desperation.

Most notably, most of the newest additions are candidates for Democrat-held seats. How does a seat that’s already blue qualify for “Red to Blue?”

And one of the five newly targeted GOP districts is the Hawaii seat that quarreling Democrats just handed to the GOP in a special election last month.

Furthermore, the “new” additions aren’t really all that new, but are just recycled news.  Back in January, the DCCC released a list of “Races to Watch” which already included all four of the other targeted GOP seats, all but one in the “Top Races” category. It’s not so much “Back to the Future” as “looking forward to the past.”

Bigger news than the 5 GOP seats that are targeted are the 10 others mentioned in the January press release which didn’t make the cut. One of them (Joseph Cao’s seat in LA-2) will probably be added after Democrats pick their nominee in late August, but the DCCC has clearly given up on the others. The most conspicuous omission is the AZ-3, the open GOP seat being vacated by Rep. John Shadegg. The Democratic primary isn’t until August, but the DCCC had already picked its candidate in the January press release.

The viability of the challengers who didn’t make the cut is highlighted by the long odds faced by one who did. In a real head-scratcher, the DCCC gave its priority imprimatur to Tommy Sowers’ challenge of Rep. Jo Ann Emerson in MO-8. While Sowers’ out-of-district fundraising among the Washington and Hollywood elite has been surprisingly successful for a rural district in the middle of what the donors regard as “flyover country,” it is puzzling why Democrats would waste their money in that district. Emerson is tremendously popular in a very Republican (Cook Partisan Voting Index R+15) district. In the district’s current boundaries Emerson has never gotten less than 71% of the vote. She ran 9 points better than the Republican presidential ticket in each of the past two presidential elections. While some Republican incumbents are vulnerable this year, Emerson is not. Her relative independence makes her a borderline RINO (Republican In Name Only), but the pro-abortion, pro-gay Sowers is challenging Emerson from the Left. That appeals to the liberal areas from which Sowers is raising his cash, but not in the 8th District.

At least southeast Missouri media outlets will benefit.